James Mackenzie Illustration
Illustrator, Designer, Animator and one Good-Looker.




Croak is a deadpan comedy, action-adventure video game narrated by a flawed "companion" who persuades a Toad named Gum to go on a dangerous quest after Gum's hair is stolen by a demon overlord. Yeah, I think thats it.

"When Demon Overlord and Monarch of Pandemonium Woodworm
steals your hair just before the Blissful Farmlands Ball, It's up to you,
the tough-guy toad Gum, to save your do - and your chances with the ladies! Follow Gum as he ventures across the breezy fields and friendly towns of the blissful farmlands, into the rough-and-tumble concrete landscape of Serious City ,and from there, to the nether-depths and
fiery chasms of the Horrendous Hell. In Croak, everything can get
worse, and it's going to take all your skill to save the day - or croak!"